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Eisenwarenmesse 2014 – as always, clearly structured!



Cologne’s 39th International Hardware Fair will run four days from 9 to 12 March 2014 with some 2,600 exhibitors from 50 countries. Together, they will show a truly comprehensive overview of just about everything that is required in the hardware trade. As in 2012, firms will be positioned in halls according to their main product categories. read more…

DIY Stores on Facebook



Home improvement retailers operate in an emotionally highly interesting market, for the DIY business is very much suited for the development of an active interest community.  This is the claim made in a recen market study by the Berlin agency Brandpunkt, which analysed the presence of six major German DIY retailers on Facebook, with amazing results. read more…

New Bessey Knuckle Spanner

The new STC series of Bessey knuckle spanners launched in April this year is available in two types with three foot variants. The STC-HH has an infinitely variable adjustment span of up to 40mm and ensures almost permanently uniform gripping power. This eliminates the previous time-consuming requirement for repeated manual re-setting of the adjustment screw.

The regulating screw in the articulated joint allows for clamping power of up to 2,500 N. The anchorage base plate has holes in both metric and imperial dimensions and provides for speedy and secure anchorage of the quick-clamp unit. The ergonomic plastic grip is oil-resistant and has an anti-slip profile.

All the new products can be found in the current Bessey catalogue and can be seen both on youtube and Facebook.

Tour Europe With Hornbach?



There’s no doubting that DIY retail chain Hornbach knows how to play a tune using social media channels, repeatedly demonstrated. Likewise with the latest promotional idea: no magical mystery tour! No camping in steamy jungles! No smarmy sales pitch! Quite simply: fun, fun, fun! read more…

Trade Craft Blogs are Undervalued


Michael Lalk is a businessman. He has online shops selling tools and since 2006 has promoted them with his own internet blog.  Lalk’s ‘BauTime Blog’ usually consists of illustrated stories with a combination of trade handicraft and home improvement topics, making an interesting patchwork for the reader. The bandwidth ranges from interesting Northern anecdotes,  through user reports, to the profile of a useful supplier. However, the main  focus is on product information. Michael Lalk says the main value of his blog is the incorporation of links that improve search results through Google and other search engines. read more…