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Employees stand by Max Bahr



The latest developments have been a setback for the 3,600 employees of DIY-chain Max Bahr: the liquidator Dr. Jens-Sören Schröder has announced that arrangements already agreed by creditors, under which the chain would be acquired under an offer made by the Hellweg/Möhrle consortium, has failed. read more…

Hellweg wins the 2013 DIY-Test



On behalf of news broadcaster N-TV the DISQ German Institute for Service Quality has undertaken a fifth undercover survey of home improvement stores. The survey made 108 visits to nine outlets, with the result that the average service level was graded as being good. However, there were some weaknesses – amongst other things, the waiting times customers had to endure. read more…

New Web Presence for Max Bahr


German home improvement chain Max Bahr has completely revamped its web presence to embrace service functions on offer and improve the appearance. The underlying driver for the move is to focus the group’s strategic direction by placing customer orientation and service quality at the forefront. Marketing manager Frau Wiebke Krone said: “When customers make plans for a new project, they look on the internet for advice and assistance. Our remodelled website meets this need, especially with respect to finding the right tools and techniques, and with tips how to make the best job.” The start page has dialogue boxes for speedy navigation to the type of project under consideration.” read more…