Hardware Cologne

Wednesday no public transport in cologne


Local Public Transport (Bus and Tram) will strike in Cologne, tomorrow. For your convenient travel to the  Airport, Trains are still leaving from the Station Köln Messe/Deutz, near by the South Entrance. More information via www.kvb-koeln.de. If you want to order a taxi, please make sure to do this on time. Taxi Hotline: + 49 (0)221 2882. The Cologne Fair has arranged an additional shuttle bus service to collect exhibitors from the larger hotels and bring them to the Fair.

Good Neighbour Trucks


Much of today’s commerce moves fast in small vans and trucks. However, the times are long since gone when the driver sat at the front end of a crude tin box around a simple load platform, with a diesel engine hammering away underneath. Modern commercial vehicles are now not only user friendly, but environmentally friendly. State-of-the-art is now the Euro 5 Emission Standard, with fuel consumption greatly reduced by turbochargers. Now, the driver generally enjoys comfort and ergonomics to automobile standard. And the modern commercial vehicle is no longer an environmental nuisance of the first order. The choice extends from tiny minivan to overland bearer of express freight on four wheels. Good reason to summarise the latest commercial vehicles for 2011/2012. read more…

High-Performance in the Pits


Maximum concentration and precision down to the last millimetre: at the top echelon of motor sport, these standards are not only required of the drivers. Whether it is Formula One, the German Touring Car Championship or the Motorcycle Grand Prix, in the pits man and machine must be at their peak and extract the very maximum from the design performance envelope. read more…