Hardware Cologne

New image film: Work hard – rock harder!

For tens of thousands of years man has been using tools – they are one of the motors of progress and the heart of industrial manufacturing. And this heart beats particularly strongly in Cologne every two years. The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is the central industry forum for innovations and technologies for the global decision-makers in the manufacturing industry and the driving forces behind the tool industry.

This is impressively demonstrated by fully booked exhibition halls, full aisles, 2,770 suppliers from 58 countries and over 47,000 trade visitors from 143 countries. And because we have many good reasons to be proud of it, our new image video shows the whole world of the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR in inspiring pictures – take a look!

Impressions of the Start-Up Village at #EISENWARENMESSE 2018

The Start-Up Village at the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 offered visitors creative solutions from young, agile entrepreneurs who present the digital business of tomorrow. weiterlesen…

Impressions of the International Hardware Fair 2014


The International Hardware Fair 2014 was a great success and once more proved its importance to the hardware industry. 2.783 exhibitors from 53 countries presented their numerous product novelties and exciting innovations in the field of industrial supplies, fastening and joining technology, fittings, tools and construction and DIY goods. weiterlesen…

Technical Trends at the 2014 Hardware Fair: Brushless Electric Motors and new Battery Technology


The countdown is now ticking down to lift-off for this year’s Cologne International Hardware Fair, where manufacturers from around the world will reveal their latest and innovative products to trade visitors and buyers. Here, visitors and retailers can pick up on the latest trends and marketing ideas for their own business. From now until the Fair opens, this Blog series will report on selected trends. weiterlesen…

Luxury DIY Footwear


Shoes bearing the trademark of luxury-designer Christian Louboutin cost a fortune – but are must-wear for any upwardly mobile woman. Any fashion-conscious female wishing to sport a pair of these expensive high-heels must surrender a few hundred – or even a few thousand – pounds from his or her credit card. However, a number of British women used their heads and made a quick trip to the DIY store to buy a suitable spray can, or bottle of touch-up paint, then to transform their high-heels into up-market shoes within seconds. The brand mark of the luxury shoe is a bright red sole, easily copied with a little creativity. So: a pair of relatively cheap high-heels are transformed in moments into (almost) original Louboutins – and the DIY store is a shoe shop.

‘Music’, To The Ears


From Sunday 29 April the Hornbach home improvement store chain will be broadcasting a new TV advertising spot. Going under the name Symphony, the spot is an extension of the existing highly successful Keiner spürt es so wie Du campaign (‘Nobody experiences it like you’). The spot consists of a sequence of DIY tasks, each bearing a considerable resemblance to music making, and the emotions they arouse in the carpenter, painter, masonry drill operator and so on. weiterlesen…

Trends and Highlights at the Hardware Fair


History records that the first screw was invented by Archimedes about 250 years B.C.  The latest screws, tools, pliers, spirit levels, hinges and even DIY-Apps, can now be seen at the 54th International Hardware Fair in Cologne, where 2,600 exhibitors from 50 countries are showing their very latest innovative products from 4 – 7 March.

Summit Meeting: 2011 International BHB Building Market Congress


Well over 500 participants attended the 2011 BHB Building Market Congress in Mainz, Germany. They met to exchange information and suggestions with leading trade experts. Delegates from the retail, industry and the service sectors and were equally represented. weiterlesen…

High-Performance in the Pits


Maximum concentration and precision down to the last millimetre: at the top echelon of motor sport, these standards are not only required of the drivers. Whether it is Formula One, the German Touring Car Championship or the Motorcycle Grand Prix, in the pits man and machine must be at their peak and extract the very maximum from the design performance envelope. weiterlesen…