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Introducing the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (ghin)

The formerly independent organisations European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (ghin) have joined forces as a consolidated association. Ever since, they have acted as the unified voice of the DIY trade around the globe. With an international network of offices, EDRA/ghin is active in the entire DIY industry, creating a platform for interaction and the exchange of ideas. weiterlesen…

5 good reasons to participate in the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2020

The next INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR will take place from 1 to 4 March 2020 – and for these five good reasons you should not miss THE event of the industry:


  1. … because it is the largest international trade fair for the hardware industry
    With 2,770 exhibitors from 58 countries, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is the number 1 in the hardware industry. From established market leaders to newcomers: The world’s largest range of products and services is gathered here.
  2. … because the entire industry meets here
    At the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR, all sectors of the hardware industry are represented – from tools and accessories to industrial supplies, fastening and connection technology to building and DIY supplies. And around 47,000 trade visitors from 143 countries make the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR the ideal platform for your business.
  3. … because you will meet the decision-makers of the industry here
    The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is attended by the industry’s top decision-makers. Here you can reach the relevant target groups: Make new contacts and expand your network.
  4. … because Cologne is always worth a visit
    The trade fair city of Cologne offers numerous sights and cultural highlights. Look forward to Cologne’s hospitality and experience the highlights of the historic metropolis at the Rhine.
  5. … because we offer you attractive conditions
    Our early booking discount, which is valid until 31.5.2019, offers you all the advantages of the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR at a particularly favourable price.


Register now, become an exhibitor and benefit from the best business! When the entire industry meets, you can’t miss it!


We proudly present: the Manufacturers Association House & Garden at the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE

More than 35 years ago, leading producers of building, house and garden products joined forces to form the “Herstellerverband Haus & Garten“ “(Manufacturers’ Association House & Garden). The association focuses primarily on sales-oriented topics in the assorted sales channels specialist retailers, DIY stores and garden centres. weiterlesen…

Economic forecast for the hardware industry: What does the EISEN-Meter say?

In their autumn report, the leading economic research institutes anticipate a slight slowdown in the German economy. A glance at the EISEN-Meter reveals how the members of the hardware industry view the development.  weiterlesen…

Europe’s No. 1 Sourcing Fair: Asia-Pacific Sourcing 2019 is just around the corner

From 26 to 28 February 2019, Asia-Pacific Sourcing – Europe’s No. 1 sourcing platform – will once again be taking place in Cologne. Here is why you better don’t miss it:

Asia-Pacific Sourcing brings the Asian markets together in one place. At last year’s seventh edition, 644 exhibitors from 14 countries were on board to present their latest tools and products for the home, garden and leisure segment. The fair was attended by 7,300 trade visitors from 65 countries. weiterlesen…

Smart Home Security: Intelligent protection for buildings

First Smart Home and now Smart Home Security: Read here which digital solutions manufacturers offer for intelligent building protection.  weiterlesen…

From hardware to smart ware: production goes digital

Digitalization does not stop at manufacturing proceesses – and has the potential to revolutionize it in the long term by streamlining processes and intelligently networking them. For many companies in the hardware industry this means that they have to rethink and adapt their strategies. Find out about today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s trends in our blog post and at the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR. <read more>

Digitally supported tools have long since found their way into everyday life: Do-it-yourself enthusiasts, for example, are glad about smart measuring tapes that still determine proportions with millimetre precision where folding rules reach their limits, or about spirit levels that can now be easily found on a mobile phone via an app.

But not only for DYI lovers, but in industrial production as well, digital helpers have become popular accelerators in production. Production systems can already communicate independently with components, report problems or detect when a tool needs to be replaced. Driverless transport systems perform logistics tasks, and entire process chains can be controlled remotely thanks to sensors and intelligent systems. Even in traditional manufacturing processes, manual work is increasingly becoming an exception – the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise everywhere, as is the Smart Factory. And even if it is viewed with scepticism, for example out of concern for jobs: this development cannot be reversed, so the only way to deal with it is to take advantage of it as efficiently as possible.


In addition, companies can benefit in many ways. Optimised processes, lower production costs, shorter production times, higher productivity, efficient warehousing, faster development and market introduction times, better competitiveness and increased flexibility are only some of the advantages with which networked production can score.

Networked systems for smart processes

The technical basis of the Smart Factory are cyber-physical systems that communicate with each other using the Internet of Things. For the main part, it is not really a matter of reinventing the wheel of production. The path to intelligent production leads first and foremost via the coupling of existing information in order to gain new insights and optimise processes along the entire process chain accordingly.

What does this mean for the hardware industry? What is possible nowadays?

Digital torque wrenches with interfaces for data transmission and data documentation have been on the market for some time now, for example, allowing the parameterisation, acquisition, graphical evaluation and archiving of screwdriving data. Depending on the tool, data is transferred either via USB interface or radio. Increased productivity through work facilitation goes hand in hand with process documentation and quality assurance.

Intelligent cordless screwdrivers, in which the complete control is integrated in the screwdriver, are also already available. Thanks to the integrated control system, the cordless screwdrivers can be connected directly to higher-level systems, even without any additional hardware. The benefit for users: no additional costs for hardware and a device that is industry 4.0-compatible.

The digital revolution does not stop at the topic of battery performance, an often annoying aspect of everyday work life: for example, there is an app that communicates with tools to switch batteries on and off via remote control. This not only saves energy, but also contributes to the efficient use of working time, as the readiness of the tools can be checked – and thus guaranteed – at any time.

Does that mean for the hardware industry that everything will be different now? No. Because many processes will remain as they are for the time being: because there is no other solutions yet, they are too specialized or digitization simply does not make economic sense, among other reasons. However, it is certain that digitisation will continue to penetrate the industry and that companies are well advised to make friends with it and take advantage of the resulting benefits.

You can find out more about the digitisation of the industry on the website of the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR


The 2018 INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR was a big success. More than 47,000 trade visitors from 143 countries once again gave the trade fair the internationality that its name promises. weiterlesen…

10 good reasons to visit the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR

Only a few days to go before the start of the world’s largest trade fair for the hardware industry. For all those who are undecided, we have summed up the 10 most important reasons why visiting the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is a real must. weiterlesen…

EISEN CSR-Award: “This award has inspired and encouraged us”

With the EISEN CSR-Award powered by BHB, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR and the DIY, Construction and Garden Trade Association (BHB) honour outstanding entrepreneurial commitment to social and ecological sustainability. We spoke to Ferdinand Munk, Managing Director of Günzburger Steigtechnik, winner in 2016, about what this award means for companies.  weiterlesen…