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Economic forecast for the hardware industry: What does the EISEN-Meter say?

In their autumn report, the leading economic research institutes anticipate a slight slowdown in the German economy. A glance at the EISEN-Meter reveals how the members of the hardware industry view the development. 

Endless growth? The positive economic development that has been going on for years is proving to be extremely stable despite trade conflicts, a shortage of specialist staff and Brexit confusion. This good news was announced by the economic experts in their autumn report in mid-September – albeit with one restriction: After nine years of boom, the upswing seems to be losing momentum. In any case, economic researchers have lowered their forecasts: For this year significantly from 2.2 to 1.7 percent, for 2019 slightly from 2.0 to 1.9 percent.

Sentiment in the hardware industry: curbed optimism

This development is also reflected in the EISEN Meter. Exhibitors and visitors of the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR  give their personal assessment of the current situation and their future business prospects at the Trend Barometer for the hardware sector on the website of the fair.

In the first quarter of 2018, the signs were showing a clear high: More than 82 percent of the survey participants assessed their current business situation as good to very good, and even almost 85 percent expected a positive development for the future.

In the second quarter, the optimistic mood darkened significantly: Only 67.5 percent still rated their current situation as good to very good, but 80 percent still expected business to continue to develop positively.

In the third quarter, around 73 percent of the participants were again satisfied to very satisfied with their current business situation. On the other hand, there was a clear slump in the outlook: Only 70 percent are optimistic about the future – but that is a clear majority after all.


How do you assess the current situation and future prospects for your business? Share your assessment with the EISEN-Meter. We look forward to your contribution!

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