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3D Prototyping: The future is going into print 

Tools, components and spare parts of all kinds: All this comes out of the 3D printer more and more layer by layer. This additive process offers almost infinite possibilities to design objects from different materials and shows its strengths above all in rapid prototyping.

From the finest gear wheel to complete tires: Innovative 3D printing processes and materials enable prototypes and workpieces in ever more complex three-dimensional geometries and filigree contours, which conventional mechanical or casting production methods fail. The components convince with the highest level of detail, dimensional accuracy and stability and are therefore ideal for realistic functional tests. This revolutionizes prototype construction, reduces development costs and shortens time-to-market.

However, this is far from exhausting the possibilities of future technology. 3D printing is also increasingly becoming a topic for series production: for example with 3D printers that can process different high-tech materials in combination, or in combination with intelligent automation. In Industry 4.0, 3D printing and other manufacturing processes work seamlessly together.

4D printing is still a dream of the future: the hardware industry still has some time to wait for adaptive tools from the printer that adapt their structure or shape to the components to be processed.

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