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What exhibitors say about INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE 2018

The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 was able to score with various innovations, a lot of internationality and industry innovations and thus left a lot of positive impressions. But how do the exhibitors rate their participation and the fair itself? There is a lot of feedback on INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 and we will present some of the exhibitors’ comments below.

fischer was to be found for the second time the DIY boulevard

For many exhibitors the internationality of the fair was and is important in order to be able to expand their own network. Many decision-makers from all over the world travel to the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR and also seek contact with companies. fischer was particularly pleased with the positive response: “All important decision-makers from the trade were already present on the first three days of the fair”, says Stefan Pelster-Hemesath, Sales Manager of the fischer group. The high internationality at the fair helped the company to further expand its network and establish new contacts for future business in the respective countries. “We exhibited on the boulevard for the second time and we are very satisfied with the response,” Peter-Hemesath concludes positively.

Employees of Knipex consulting at #IEW2018

Participation as an exhibitor has therefore long become a tradition for some companies, such as Knipex. “One could almost jokingly say that we welcome customers from all over the world into our living room here during the four days,” says Matthias Hagedorn, Head of Marketing at Knipex. The two industry awards, which distinguished both the company’s innovative strength and its social responsibility, underline the importance of the fair for Knipex. “Our feeling is that customers come to our stand every two years with high expectations. So far, we’ve always managed to meet these expectations.”

Products of Brennenstuhl at the Hardware Fair 2018

A lot has also changed over the four days of the fair in terms of exports. “From an export perspective, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 will be of enormous importance,” emphasizes Jens Bleckmann, Head of Marketing at Brennenstuhl. The trade fair days offered the company the opportunity to meet important specialist dealers, importers, buyers of cooperations and online retailers. As a result, the customer network has grown significantly.


Part of the Wera booth at the Hardware Fair 2018

Detlef Seyfarth, Marketing Director of Wera, praises the return to the four-day rhythm: “The return of the fair to the four-day rhythm is absolutely paying off, because the discussions with customers are no longer so closely timed. This helps international customers in particular to have the opportunity for detailed discussions with product managers. Seyfarth’s feedback: “Nowhere else but in Cologne do you have the chance to meet so many important customers in such a short time.”

The next INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR will take place in Cologne from 1 to 4 March 2020. On our social media channels WORK HARD! ROCK HARD! will continue though: FacebookTwitterWebsite

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