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EISEN CSR-Award: “This award has inspired and encouraged us”

With the EISEN CSR-Award powered by BHB, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR and the DIY, Construction and Garden Trade Association (BHB) honour outstanding entrepreneurial commitment to social and ecological sustainability. We spoke to Ferdinand Munk, Managing Director of Günzburger Steigtechnik, winner in 2016, about what this award means for companies. 

Mr. Munk, your company’s sustainability strategy was awarded the EISEN CSR-Award in 2016. What is so special about it?

It sure is special that we, as a medium-sized company with around 300 employees, have implemented a sustainability management. For a family-owned company of our size, this is a ground-breaking and innovative step that we consciously decided on taking, and it’s a path we continue to follow. Sustainability has always been a part of our self-image, and we proactively practice it in all areas. So we wanted to give it a framework.


What are the basic ideas of your sustainability concept?

We follow our guiding principle “Shaping the future, preserving the future” – this means that preserving our corporate values and responsibly focusing on new market challenges go hand in hand. We recognize that there is a direct interplay between our economic success and our ecological and social responsibility. And only a well-balanced relation of these three determinants can future-proof our company. We create value – not only with our safe, reliable and high-quality access technology solutions, but also as a company. Our goal is to achieve economic growth while at the same time acting ecologically and socially responsible. We strive for sustainable in our company and society as a whole. That’s what we want to contribute to.


How do you implement this mission statement in your company?

CSR concerns our entire team and is actively practiced in both large and small measures on a daily basis. We have defined the following areas as fields of action for our CSR concept: Company, Production & Production Environment, Products & Responsibility, Employees & Social Affairs, Society & Commitment, Nature & Environment.

Based on our CSR mission statement, we have developed a wide range of objectives, plans and activities for each of these areas, which we are implementing step by step. In 2015, we were the first company in our industry to publish a comprehensive sustainability report, which documents our activities and outlines our understanding and culture of sustainability.


What has the EISEN CSR Award achieved for your company? Would you take part in the EISEN Award again?

The award is a success for our entire team. We have received a lot of positive feedback, and this has inspired and encouraged our thinking and actions. We are continuously developing our activities:

For example, the vacation programme for the ‘Steigtechnik Kids’, our employees’ children, will be greatly expanded. Recently, we developed a “mobile playroom” on the basis of rolling containers from our transport logistics range. It is used in the event of bottlenecks in child care, so that the children can be looked after at the workplace even at short notice. There is also a ‘Winter Magic’ festival for the whole family as well as family and partner days to get to know the company and the workplace. In addition, we offer extensive sports and training opportunities at our internal campus – also for family members.

With a university project focused on optimising the flow of materials, we are analysing the commodity flow on our premises. The goal is to optimize it in the long term in order to be more efficient and resource-saving. In addition, we participate in the Technology Centre Augsburg (TZA), supplying a laboratory and an office. For us, this as an investment in the innovations of tomorrow. The focus is not only on research of new materials, but also of connecting technologies. We would like to use the synergies of the innovation park and see our commitment here as exploring the “access technology of the future”.



A total of 48 companies applied for the EISEN 2018 Award in the categories CSR and Innovation. Twelve of them are nominated. You can find out more about the nominees and their products and concepts here in our blog or on <symbols of social media channels link>. The winners will be awarded on the evening of the first day of the fair (04.03.2018) at the Welcome Party in Cologne’s Tanzbrunnen.

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