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EISEN Innovation Award – how the winners benefit

The nominees for the EISEN 2018 Innovation Award powered by ZHH have been nominated. And the excitement is mounting: from the circle of 12 companies nominated for the coveted award, a top-class jury will select the most innovative companies in the hardware industry. The award winners will be announced at the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018. But if you want to find out what the Innovation Award means for the award-winning companies, you can already do so today. Check out the statements by some of the winners from the last couple of years.  <read more>


Fischer Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH: Winner of the EISEN Innovation Award 2016

Stefan Pelster-Hemesath, Sales Manager DIY of the business group fischer:

In 2016, our DUOPOWER was awarded the EISEN Innovation Award in the category “Fastening and connection technology”. The nylon anchor is based on sophisticated technology and a clever combination of soft and hard plastic materials. It is able to recognise building materials and reacts accordingly, i. e. spreads or tightens. It offers the best load values and guarantees absolute safety.

Our intelligent two-component anchor has already won numerous awards in recent years, and it continues to be successful – especially as it proved that it has the potential to change the market. As fastening solutions consisting of two components are more effective and versatile, we have further developed the product into a whole family, the DUO-Line. We see the EISEN Innovation AWARD as a confirmation and further incentive for continuing with our successful innovations.

Find out more about fischer Deutschland here: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Youtube


GEDORE-Werkzeugfabrik GmbH: Winners of the EISEN Innovation Award 2012 and 2014

Damian Schwierz, Product Manager at GEDORE:

Our tools have already won the EISEN Innovation Award twice: in 2014, we received it for the ½“-extension in combination with the holding magnet 1990 M. It prevents screws or nuts from disappearing into machines and makes working in confined spaces much easier and safer. In 2012, our Dremaster was awarded. The torque wrench sets benchmarks in terms of precision because it guarantees secure, faultless screw tightening in the range of 20-850 N-m.

The EISEN Innovation Award is an important indicator of innovation. The fact that our products have been honoured with this prestigious award has filled us with great pride. We consistently strive to optimise our products and to develop genuine innovations that enable our customers to further increase safety, precision and productivity. For this reason, we now also offer the extension with the holding magnet in a 3/8″version.

In addition, our customers were very positive about the two awards. This extra attention has certainly contributed to the market success of our products.

Find out more about GEDORE here: Website – Facebook – Youtube


HAZET-WERK Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG: Winner of the EISEN Innovation Award 2016

Carsten Scholz, Head of Marketing & Advertising at Hazet-Werk:

Our torque wrenches 5108 VDE (2-10 Nm) and 5109 VDE (5-25 Nm) were awarded in the category “Tools, hand tools, power tools and accessories” in 2016. Due to the possibility to repair, disassemble, readjust and recalibrate them, the two high-precision VDE torque tools are particularly durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. With their user-friendly and ergonomic design and low weight, they also contribute to safe, productive and fatigue-free working.

The EISEN Innovation Award for these tools was a welcome confirmation for our efficiency and further enhanced our reputation as an innovative company with manufacturing and R&D competence. Of course, we were also very pleased that the award very positively supported the market launch of the two VDE torque wrenches.

This year, we were again nominated for the EISEN Innovation Award, and of course, we are very hopeful that we will once more be on the podium with our innovative tooling solution.

Find out more about HAZET-Werk here: Website – Facebook – Google+ – Youtube


KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG: Winner of the EISEN Innovation Award 2012

Matthias Hagedorn, Head of Marketing at KNIPEX-Werk:

In 2012, we received the EISEN Innovation Award for our high-transmission TwinForce® side cutter. With its patented double-axis hinge design, it achieves an impressive 39-fold increase in manual force. This makes TwinForce® a real problem solver and the ideal cutting tool for the toughest special cases. This made for a great start in the industry – also thanks to the sustained support of the award.

The EISEN Innovation Award is the ideal platform for presenting the innovative power of our company. In 2016, we were among the nominees with the KNIPEX ErgoStrip®. In addition to the Innovation Award 2012, we also received the EISEN CRS Award in 2014 – CSR is an integral part of our corporate mission statement. Responsibility for the environment and society is an integral part of all our business processes, and we are now well on the way to turning sustainability from a managerial responsibility to a matter that is near to the heart of all our employees.

This year we were again nominated for the EISEN Award in the categories Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. We sure are happy about the nominations, and of course we hope to win once more in both categories.

Find out more about KNIPEX-Werk here: WebseiteFacebookInstagramYoutubeXing


Leica Geosystems AG: Winner of the EISEN Innovation Award 2014

Lisa Attenberger, sales assistant at Leica Geosystems GmbH:

One of the Award Winners 2014 was our Leica DISTO™ D810 touch. The laser distance measuring device measures the height, width, area, and the diameter or circumference of objects within a range of up to 200 meter … they do not even have to be visible to the naked eye. The measurement is carried out by means of a photo taken by the device – and reaches an accuracy of up to 1.5 mm. For high-precision “Measuring in the Photo” (MIP), the DISTO™ D810 touch is equipped with an integrated digital camera with 4x zoom and crosshairs in the LCD display while offering 15 different measuring functions.

We are still very proud of this recognition and appreciation of our innovative performance by a neutral expert committee. We also benefited greatly from the increased brand awareness. Thanks to the award and the innovative functionality of our product, our laser distance measuring device has been widely reported in the media. In the meantime, we have carried out various software updates and also offer a professional complete set for reliable focussing and precise measurement with the Leica DISTO™ D810 touch.

Find out more about Leica Geosystems here: WebseiteFacebookLinkedInTwitterYoutube


August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFER-Werkzeuge: Winner of the EISEN Innovation Award 2016

Florian Pottrick, PR / Press Spokesman at PFERD-Werkzeuge:

Our milling disc “ALUMASTER®” was awarded in 2016. The tool for rough machining of aluminium using angle grinders convinced the jury not only with its extremely high cutting performance, but also with its environmental friendliness and safety as no harmful or explosive dusts are generated during machining.

The innovation prize has contributed to the fact that the ALUMASTER® quickly became known beyond the borders of Europe and further strengthened our reputation as an innovative company. In the meantime, ALUMASTER® has received no less than seven innovation awards.

Find out more about PFERD-Werkzeuge here: WebseiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInXingYoutube


You can find out more about the currently nominated products and their manufacturers here in our blog or on Facebook and Twitter . The EISEN 2018 Innovation Award powered by ZHH will be presented on the evening of the first day of the fair (04.03.2018) at the Welcome Party in Cologne’s Tanzbrunnen.


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