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10 bizarre tools used in workshops, space and the Chindogu universe

New tools, trends and visionary technologies – the hardware industry is eagerly awaiting the start of the International Hardware Fair 2018. But before we present you latest innovations, we will dive into world of exotic and alien tools of the tool world: giraffes, tentacle soldering stations and discarded radiators. Curtain up for the ten most bizarre tools of the tool universe.

Giraffe: Too big for the tool cabinet?

The “Giraffe” by FLEX

The giraffe is even rarer in the tool cabinet than in the wild. It’s probably because of the size. In this regard, the bizarre grinding machine resembles the same-named svannah species. Apart from this, the mobile long-neck sander offers tangible advantages: particularly fast and extremely careful  processing of large drywall subfloors.








Shingle Froe: Like the pioneers once upon a time

The classic Shingle Froe

Ok, hardly anyone today will make their roof shingles by hand like the pioneers in the wild west once did. But if you want to build a hut in the wilderness, you can’t get around this tool. The application is very simple: Place the Single Froe with the blade pointing downwards on the edge of a felled tree. Use a stick to drive the blade into the tree trunk and lift off a thin slice.





Aggressive fossil touch: bush hammering machine for stonemasons

No stonemason should miss this: the bush hammering machine

A machine that hammers bushes??? Wrong: The bush hammering machine is a helpful tool for stonemasons. With their aggressive carbide metal tips they roughen stone surfaces – in particular, they can be used to mill anti-slip strips in stairs.




Six helping hands: Tentacle soldering station

Six helping tentacles define this tentacle soldering station

A colored plastic spider? No, there are only six arms – but they can be used for small, fiddly electronic soldering jobs. The flexible pivoting arms of the Tentacle soldering unit are 30.5 cm long and equipped with stainless steel crocodile clamps that can be swivelled all around. With such a lot of helping hands soldering projects are easier and quicker to realize.







Blow it up: Compressed air bazooka

Blow out! On the contrary: the compressed air bazooka blows up tires.

Even if it makes a lot of noise, this cannon doesn’t shoot sharply – if then only on tires. In car repair shops, compressed air guns are indispensable to inflate tires onto the rims after assembly.





Always at hand: test square for Odd Jobs

What a strange thing. The odd job acutally is really useful.

A signpost, part of a weather vane? Neither nor, but a universal tool for all kinds of work. The scurillity of this tool is already in the name, because “odd” translates to German as “peculiar”. The historical tool serves a wide variety of purposes: as an internal mitre and test square, depth gauge, marking tool for arcs and circles, T-square, depth marker pen (ideal for marking tenon holes), plumb and rule.




When the spaceship leaks: mass spectrometers

If you ever want to travel into space, you’ll need a trace gas analyzer to detect leaks in pipelines and analyze any escaping substances such as coolant or rocket fuel. The world’s smallest high-performance mass spectrometer was developed especially for this purpose. It’s a whole two inches long; the entire system fits into a shoebox. If your fellow astronauts seem strange to you, you can also carry out doping analyses or drug tests with the spectrometer.


Quantum particle radiator: Energy of love from the 7th dimension

Energy from another dimension!

One of the most important tools of our time! The Quantum particle radiator works with pure energy of love or Christ from the 7th dimension. Correctly positioned and controlled by thought-power, scatter beads can be transformed into effective globules or water can be enriched with healing power. Herbs, gemstones and angel images can also be used as information transmitters. The golden device develops even more power when you use your personal guardian angel.






Guaranteed bulletproof: Panzer-Box for iPhone

Damage free! Guaranteed!

Electronic devices have to be able to withstand extreme conditions in everyday workshop routines or crisis areas. Secure your iPhone with the best solution on the market. The 2.1 kg Armor Plating Case has a bulletproof 1-inch steel plate that is firmly bolted to the aluminium front panel, providing perfect protection against dust, dirt, falling or firing.





“Ultimate Machine”: the perfect Chindogu

Pretty useless….clearly a Chindogu!

Tools that the world doesn’t need – the Japanese engineer Kenji Kawakami has developed an art form out of it:”Chindogus”, which translates to “strange tools”. In order to be recognized as a Chindogu, a device has to fulfill different criteria: It must work and be easy to use. However, it is not intended to be of any practical use and neither patented nor marketed.. A perfect example of a Chindogu is the ¬Ultimate Machine: a small wooden box with a small lever in the off position. When the lever is turned, the lid opens, a hand comes out, sets the switch back to “Off” and disappears. The “Ultimate Machine” was developed by Claude Shannon, Professor of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Get a first impression of the Ultimate Video in the video below!


Do you also know bizarre tools and devices? Tell us about it in the comments!


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