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Industry Association: International Construction Record Level

Götz Wrage

The German Construction Industry Association (Hauptverband der deutschen Bauindustrie) reports that last year the value of its members’ foreign operations were up nine percent to approximately 32 billion Euros, a new record level. During the same period, members took new foreign orders valued at 33 billion Euros, the second highest annual volume since 2010. The Association president Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Bauer said: “These figures are impressive confirmation of the fact that, in spite of difficult trading conditions, there is a big demand for German construction industry engineering skills in world markets.”

As in previous years, the lion’s share of the new orders were from Australia, the USA and Canada; together these represented about 85 per cent of the overseas order volume. Last year new orders from the USA were up by 46 percent to 9.6 billion Euros, while orders from Australia were up by a quarter to some 18.4 billion Euros. In addition, orders from Latin America were up by 75 percent to 861 billion Euros, the biggest customer country being Brazil.

By contrast, orders from other parts of the world declined in varying degrees. Once again, incoming construction orders from other parts of Europe remained in the lead at 2.8 billion Euros, but against the background of the financial and economic crisis were down by about 740 million Euros. The biggest new contracts were from Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. New orders from Asia were valued at about 690 million Euros, below the billion Euro threshold level and is a reduction of 450 million on the previous year. The main customers were retailers in the Gulf Region, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Likewise, sales to Africa declined by about 30 percent to 460 million Euros on account of the reduction in business activity in the North.

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