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Hellweg wins the 2013 DIY-Test



On behalf of news broadcaster N-TV the DISQ German Institute for Service Quality has undertaken a fifth undercover survey of home improvement stores. The survey made 108 visits to nine outlets, with the result that the average service level was graded as being good. However, there were some weaknesses – amongst other things, the waiting times customers had to endure.

The chief executive of market researchers DISQ is Bianca Möller: “Any customer seeking specialist advice from a DIY shop assistant needs to be patient, waiting on average four and a half minutes; sometimes as much as a quarter of an hour – that is clearly too long.” Likewise, the advice given is not always up to scratch. On one fifth of the test visits, the shop assistants gave wrong information or did not point out possible risks – such as the need to move high-current wiring.

On the credit side was the wide range of products available for sale. “Customers have a wide choice from many product groups, brands, sizes and colours. And there were many special offers”, said service expert Frau Möller. In addition, home improvement stores had friendly shop assistants, clean premises, good product group signposting, plenty of parking space and additional services such as tool hire.

The Hellweg DIY chain came out top in the survey and won the title ‘Best Home Improvement Store 2013’. Their competent shop assistants listened carefully to customer needs and then focused on the right product to meet this requirement. In addition to having a comprehensive range of products on sale, their stores were well signposted and had fully stocked shelves. Second in the test was Max Bahr, which gained the highest marks with respect to customer advice. In addition, the shop assistants were helpful and dealt properly and professionally with complaints. Their good result was boosted by numerous additional services, such as cutting timber to customer dimensions.

Third was Obi, which had a comprehensive range of products on sale backed by the provision of excellent customer advice. In each case, the quality of service and customer advice was tested by twelve anonymous visits in several stores for each of the nine DIY chains. The anonymous testers were looking in particular for shop assistant knowledge and friendly attitude, the general arrangement and cleanliness of the premises, the range of products on sale, and opening hours.

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