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German toolmakers export sales up



Last year German tool manufacturers sold products to the tune of 3.8 billion Euros – an increase of 1.4 percent on the previous year. And that, even though there was a general cooling of the economy in 2012, as reported by the German FWI Tool Trade Association. The traditionally healthy level of tool exports held up well in 2012, with export orders up by 1.8 percent on the previous year, though there was a later decline in the rate of growth. There was considerable variation in the markets. Tool exports to other European countries were down about 1.5 percent.  There was a sharp decline in sales to Greece (-19.9 %), Italy (- 12.5 %) and Spain (- 13 %), while sales were up in Russia (+ 18,2 %) and the USA (+ 12.9 %). At present, the USA is the biggest customer, accounting for 8.4 % of German tool exports in 2012.

There was a general decline in sales to the German home market, down 1.9 percent on the previous year. The rate of orders received was about the same as for 2011, but declined noticeably towards the end of the year, making the start of 2013 more challenging.

At present the German tool manufacturing industry employs about 28,500 persons (+ 1.8 %). Almost three quarters of the manufacturers surveyed by the FWI describe the current economic situation as ‘satisfactory’, and the majority expect no change or perhaps even an improvement by the summer.


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