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DIY-Retail Sales Steady in Germany, Austria and Switzerland



From 2009 German home improvement retail sales grew steadily, but there was a slight decline from 2011 to 2012: total turnover for German DIY sales was about 18.6 billion Euros, a slight nominal decline of 0.6 percent. Set against turnover per square metre retail space, DIY-sales were slightly down by 0.8 percent.

However, DIY-sales continued to grow in Austria. In spite of the fact that 2011 was a highly successful sales year, in 2012 sales reached 2.2 billion Euros, representing nominal growth of 1.7 percent but disregarding turnover per square metre retail space. Taking the latter factor into account, growth continued at 0.9 percent.

Sales through Swiss retail outlets continued on their upward trend. Following only a modest increase in 2011, last year DIY-sales reaches 1.85 billion Euros representing 4.6 percent nominal growth.

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