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Proud winners of the ‘Eisen 2012’ Prize


A spokesman for Gedore said: “We are extremely proud that a Gedore product ‘Made in Germany’ has won this year’s Eisen 2012 Prize. This honour reflects the high level of innovative skills embedded in our company.  Other examples are a 2K pipe wrench, a range of mole wrenches, new steel boxes, a ratchet with short socket spanners, and the first lightweight ‘Dremoplus’ torque multiplier made of aluminium and supplied with a calibration certificate.”

The Dremaster torque wrench is one of 100 products chosen as a winner of the prestigious Eisen awards.  It is classified according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, and is supplied with a traceable manufacturer’s certificate and is calibrated to within +/- 3 percent or better. The product exceeds the tolerance required by the Industrial Standard calls of +/- 4 percent, giving the user an even better safety margin.

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