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Wera Hits the Target with Bits and Bit Holder System


The new bits and holder system from Wera has been short-listed for an Eisen 2012 prize by the jury. The system was designed to meet the increased requirements for industrial impact drivers and highly robust screw connections. The generation of power tools now in use creates forces that can rapidly lead to the destruction of previous impact drive systems.

Wera’s new generation of impact drivers incorporates a clever combination of material properties with altered geometry (‘TriTorsion’) and manufacturing processes, to create a component system with above-average service life. The impact driver bears a coating of tiny diamond particles to minimise cam-out forces that cause tool slippage on the screw head. This feature is of particular importance for impact drivers, because these machines produce very high cam-out forces.

The manufacturer is optimistic about the prospect of an award, because the new impact drive has a very wide range of potential applications and also provides retailers with a competitive edge.

Asked what an Eisen Prize would mean for the company, Wera answered: “The Award would be very important both internally and externally. Internally, because all those who had contributed to the design would be extremely happy; externally, it would bolster our good reputation as an innovative manufacturer.”

This new range of bits and bit holder system will be exhibited at the 2012 Cologne International Hardware Fair for the first time. The first products in the range were launched in 2011. Wera is responsible for the entire system including impact drive logo, product colour and design, packaging and advertising design.

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