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Downhill – Friction-Free


These 630 kg high-speed projectiles scorch down the ice track at speeds of up to 150 km/h. Since 1924 bobsleighs have been an Olympic sport in which aero-dynamicists and sportsmen have systematically shaved thousandths of seconds off their best times in an effort to beat the competition.

The descent gradient is between eight and 15 percent through a series of chicanes and steep bends, placing enormous stress on the four sprung and highly polished bobsleigh runners. Nothing but the very best will do, for which reason Germany’s BSD Bobsleigh Association sought help from Klingspor of Haiger in Germany, a specialist manufacturer of abrasive agents.

Now, German bobsleigh teams use Klingspor know-how and polishing agents both during training and competition.  As far as Klingspor is concerned the cooperation with the BSD is a win-win arrangement. Bobsport is a relatively new and highly interesting application for our abrasion tools, says the company. By working with BSD technicians and engineers in the FES Institute for Sports R&D Klingspor has obtained valuable new product development knowledge. The exact means by which bobsleigh runners are prepared remains a carefully protected secret. Perfectly polished runners cut the final thousandth of a second off the time, determining who wins or loses.

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