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“The social and ecological dimension is now of increasing importance for business; and that is how it should be!” So said Albrecht Hornbach in his address to the recent 2011 International Building Materials Congress. The board chairman of Hornbach Holding AG was speaking on the subject of ‘Sustainability in the DIY retail business’, using his own company as an example and followed by the audience with great attention. His half-hour speech focused on the fact that the manner in which companies carry on their business, is an item of increasing public interest and concern. Business, he said, is at present in the midst of a ‘moral acceptance crisis’.

Herr Hornbach added that it was up to companies such as his own to demonstrate that “there is no genuine conflict between serving the needs of the market and sound moral principles but that on the contrary, they work together for the welfare of all.” It was, he said, vital to place great importance on the ethical and social orientation of the business. In answer to critics who dismiss ‘sustainability’ as a fashion buzzword – with business paying an unnecessary penalty surcharge – Hornbach forecast that from now on we will see the emergence of an increasing number of sustainability criteria. He believes that sustainability will follow a similar development to that of quality: “Twenty years ago, we saw the adoption of industrial quality standards in manufacturing industry; and today that is absolutely standard. I am totally convinced that we will soon see the emergence and acceptance of sustainability factors, perhaps as formal DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm industrial standards.”

The organisers of the 2012 International Hardware Fair have decided to put the spotlight on the merits of sustainable business policies, and simultaneously on the huge importance of such activities for the hardware trades and industries. To this end, the International Hardware Fair and the BHB will together award prizes entitled Eisen 2012 to companies that combine business success with social responsibility and environmentally-friendly dealings. All International Hardware Fair exhibitors and their associates are invited to present their sustainability activities.

Should you be of the opinion that your company is not just a profitable business, but also a model of social responsibility combined with ecological policies, please apply now.


The Sustainability-Price


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