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Innovation Prize Eisen 2012: Apply Now!


Multi-functional tools, better equipment and user-friendly operation: visitors to the forthcoming International Hardware Fair Cologne will be delighted at the plethora of new and improved products running through virtually every industry and business sector. The next hardware fair will host the first hardware innovation prize  – Eisen 2012 – with the winning products grouped together for easy inspection by trade visitors.

The contest will be run in cooperation with the ZHH Central Association of Hardware Retailers, with the winning products sub-divided into three groups: tools; industrial supplies; fasteners and fixings, fittings. All exhibitors and their associates showing at Cologne next March are invited to submit their innovative products for consideration for the 2012 Eisen awards. The contest is open to products that are either new or have been improved since April 2011 and will be on show at the March 2012 hardware fair.

An independent expert jury will determine the winners and nominated products will form a special display at the fair. The presentation of Eisen 2012 awards will be at the exhibitors’ welcome party; this takes place on the evening of 4 March on the Rhine Terrace close to the fair.

Exhibitors may submit one or more products for consideration, and applications should be faxed by 31.01.12 to: +49 221 821-3905, by which time applicants should also have submitted an example of the product and a description. Only those exhibiting at the 2012 International Hardware Fair Cologne may apply.

An Eisen 2012 prize will also be awarded for social responsibility in business – ‘sustainable company management’. More information can be found here.

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Want to enter? The rules and deadlines here; ZHH Home Page

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